Podcast Fatboy

One of the only pro-Fast-Food fitness podcasts in the business. Hosted by a declining commercial sweetheart with a goofy mind, actor Matt Duncan talks about his own health journey and investigates various current health and fitness topics with skepticism and wonder. He's committed to trying to be fit, but loves Big Macs. Take it easy on yourself, this world is frigging nuts.

Episode 67 – Dragon Coyote

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Brought to you by the 28 years since this came out and taught me about racism and profuse sweating! I’m talking about Lil Rascal Ma, cottage workout hangovers, hot birthday shoutouts, caffeine heart attacks, Eric Clapton and the celebrity vaccine hesitancy, aliens and Peter Coyote, Home Alone Decoy service idea for money launderers, and the ep is an 8 on the mania scale! Had fun, listen. Stop blowing on this dog’s ears!

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