Podcast Fatboy

Commercial sweetheart who's chewing the fat and trying to lose it.




For more than 12 years, Matt Duncan has been working as an actor and comedian in Toronto. He’s appeared on a few TV shows like Man Seeking Woman, American Gothic, The Morgan Waters Show, but is probably best known for his commercial work for companies like Orville Redenbacher, Bell, Wiser’s, Burger King, Hyundai, Bounce, as well as many others. A man of many talents, Matt demonstrates his love for working behind the scenes on The Amazing Gayl Pile, where he worked as lead boat operator on season two, pro bono publico. A social-media enthusiast, he takes great pride in tweeting at least once every three days and boasts a proud number of almost 300 296 followers across various accounts.

Matt first started this podcast in 2014 to journal his attempts at weight loss and interview guests about their own struggles with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all the while keeping the whole process light and fun. But the problem with his execution was that he was trying to remember how to personal train, which he struggled with immensely because he was just never that good at training to begin with.

Since the reboot in 2017, it still has the same goals, but will focus more on the funny, self-deprecating frustrations of daily life that contribute to his inactivity, all while discovering the meaning of life.